Marty & Cris in Colombia!

Hey everyone!

A couple of weeks ago Marty and Cris, two of the italian girls that were in Denmark doing exchange with me, came to Pereira, due to they both were in Colombia visiting Laura in Bogotá and getting to know some places in the country. I really can't describe the feeling of having seen them again, I was very shock and really happy at the same time. It was so much fun showing them my city, towns around it, my family, my way of live, my friends, the places where I like to go and different things that can only be seen and found in the Colombian Coffee area.

In company of Nicola and Nils, two exchange students from Germany that came to Colombia about 3 weeks ago and are staying in Pereira, my sister and some of my friends, Laura, Sebastian & Juan Camilo, we saw so many nice places here, but there are still so many thing that we didn't get to see because we had no enough time to it. (Hope Martina and Cristina come again next year to see more and more)

We all went to Salent
o, one of my favorite towns in Colombia. The town is 162 years old and all the houses are built with the coffee area style, they look all great, the balconies and doors are all different but very colorful.

In salento you can find a huge variety of handicrafts, landscapes, is amazing to see how people is trying to make a living there, they are all very creative, they have their own small car made out of wood and they take the kids for a ride around the "plaza" (main square of the town), or riding tourists in a wooden horse, so many different things.

There is a valley named Cocora, pretty close to the town and you can get to see it from a very nice looking point, also you can go there riding on a horse (a real one, not a wooden horse), or riding on a jeep willys, cars used in the small towns to take tourists to some other places or just to ride around the town, the willys driver charge about $2000 colombian pesos per person for a 30 minutes riding. It was so much fun hey, I see the willys quite often but I never tried to ride on one of them, I think that while you are trying to teach about your own culture you learn a lot more about it.

We had lunch together, Patacon (Fried smashed plantains) with meat, "guiso" (Colombian sauce) & cheese; afterwards we went to walk through the main street in Salento where all the stores with all kind of typical things (food, deserts, bracelets, bags, earings, figures and so on) are located, it was quite interesting because you can ask the sellers anything about every single thing they sell and they will come up with a story, each thing has its own meaning. After doing some shopping we walked to the end of the street, where you find a very long staircase (238 stairs I think, Nicola counted them all) It looks quite long when you are on the bottom, nobody was sure about going up, but we ended up doing it, we actually got pretty tired but it was very worthy, the nice view from upthere was so nice.

All in all, we had so much fun, but I'm pretty sure that the day in Salento was the nicest one, everything was so relaxing, we were just listening to all the stories that people were telling, looking at all the handicrafts and trying all kind of food, desserts, watching the landscapes, and just experiencing new things.

Here you can see some photos so you see how the town is like and what we did.

Marty and Cris... I love you girls, thank you for a great time!

Spero che ci vediamo presto!

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One year back at home

It's been one year since I came back home and to me, this is absolutelly unbelievable, time is just flying by, I still remember my first days in Denmark, going out to get to know Nyborg with Rebeca, while it was raining a bit hard and we got so lost, no matter that we had a map with us, we didn't know the name of the streets and we thought we were about to get to Copenhagen (IWhich would be impossible, as you can not cross the Storebælt (second longest bridge in the world) by bike; we had so much fun and so many good laughs, in the evenings watching funny videos on youtube and watching "Laura en america" just to burst out in laughs, every second was great!

I miss hanging out with all the exchangies, we had so
much fun guys, and I can't believe it's been one year no seeing you and no talking to you as often as we did whie we were up there, remember, when we went to the beach (Peep, Francine, Sara, Vero, Evelyn and I) and saw this old lady doing topless, it was weird haha and then Sara started making fun of her and we all did, in spanish of course, so she couldn't understand what we said, but then we passed by her and she asked in spanish "Where are you guys from?" hahaha! That was so embarrasing! Just after that, we went into the water, and because of the low tide Snapper and I were trying to stand on our hands but suddenly I fell over and got all so wet that I had to walk in Nyborg with wet clothes, remember?

Our stipper dinners, and the snow war outta the house, we all ended up whitish and cold, all the laughs we had together, the picnic by the lake in Ringe, the camps, the get-together to make food, watch a movie or just chill, our trip to Tåsinge arranged by Francesca, haha that was a dissaster hey, she didn't even know that Tåsinge was an island and neither Daiki, Francine, Francesca nor me knew how to get there, it was such a long trip to the island, wasn't it? haha, and then, we had to walk for an hour or so in order get to the Julemarked (Christmass market), I still remember how we felt when we saw this TINY house with nothing interesting inside haha! That was fun!

After being away for one year, I got totally lost when I came back home, the first days were so hard, of couse you are jet-lagged but hearing speanish all day long was so weird, sometimes when I woke up I said "God Morgen" instead of "Buenos dias" and I spoke horrible, everyone was criticizing my accent and I made up my own words, everyone laughed at me when I spoke, I don't know why this happened, I used to talk to Rebeca, Evelyn and Sara in spanish, but I guess is not the same talking with them for a while and speaking danish or english all day long.

The weather in Pereira is just annoying to me haha, after having -20 degrees in Denmark, the weather of my city is crappy hey, too hot, sometimes it reaches up to 32 degrees but due to the humidity in the air, it feels like 39 or maybe more; I still think that a part of me is in Denmark, maybe my mind is there and my body here, I'm just so distracted and think about Denmark all the time, when I get bored in the classes I start thinking about all the funny things that I went throught and I just start laughing. People here is so loud, that makes us latins but I wasn't really used to it, I think I became very quiet since Rebeca and I were talking so loud in the train, and everyone was looking at us like as if we were the most annoying people in the world, and later I saw the silence zone sign, then I realized that people in Europe is used to something else, the culture is different, if there is a silence zone, everyone should be quiet, respecting the rules of this place... Remember, things aren't better or worse there or here, things are just different, I don't really want to sound like I'm talking bad about everything here, is just that I got used to do another kind of things and in a different way in Denmark, everything is so different here I've got to say that I love Colombia and Denmark, no matter how different they are, I got a home in Denmark as well and I will never forget all the great things I experienced there and what I learned from everyone and everything... It's been a really tough and hard year, I guess it was because of the culture shock, but what is good is that I'm getting used to the colombian life again, noise everywhere, people talking out loud, traffic jams, people blowing the horns to celbrate that their team won a match, that is part of this culture, but also I see nice people everywhere, willing to help you with anything you want, nice mountains around (which I missed a lot while I was away), so many kind of landscapes in a short distance, my food, my people, my flag!
It's taken me a while, but I'm starting to appreciate a lot what I've got here!!

I'm looking forward to catching up with you all.
Miss seeing you around!

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Møns Klint

Hola Otra Vez!

Hace unas semanas fui a un sitio que se llama Møns Klint, es en una isla que queda debajo de la isla llamada Sjælland, donde queda Copenhague.
El sitio es espectacular, mientras se bajan unas escaleras de
madera, se empieza a ver lo que facilmente podria ser el paraiso.
Primero se bajan unas escaleras, muchas, mas o menos unas 300, pero no hay ningun tipo de arrepentimiento cuando toca volverlas a subir para irse, porque la experiencia es espectacular.

Son los acantilados mas altos de Dinamarca, son de arena blanca, estan formados de piedra caliza, el mar alrededor es clarito, hay una parte de la playa que es solo en piedras, y son las piedras mas comodas para caminar encima... Lástima que las fotos no sean justas con el lugar, porque no se ve como se vió con mis propios ojos.

Aca les dejo unas fotos del sitio para que vean.

Espero que les gusten :D

Hasta lueguito!

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Sommer Hus - Casa de Verano


Bueno, hace poco
fuimos a una casa de verano en Jutland, la peninsula; en un principio, el clima no ayudo para nada, pero al final terminé viendo un atardecer espectacular.

También celebramos el aniversario de casados de mis "papa
s", vimos como en esta temporada en algunos pueblos hay abundancia de un pez, "herring" en ingles, o "Silk" en danés; no tengo idea como se llama en español, en el pueblo se ven muchisimos pescadores sacando mas de 15 por minuto, sin exagerar; luego fuimos a comer a una ciudad cercana a la casa, tuvimos muchos contratiempos porque el carro se varó, luego empezó a llover y la grua no llegaba a recogernos, pero en fin, se pasó bien!

Hasta una próxima!

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La primaverá por fin empezó! Y aca es espectacular, hay campos amarillos por todas partes, algunos tienen algunas flores rojas pero no se ven much
o! Hay flores por todas partes, arboles coloridos, flores en el suelo; parece que todo vuelve a la vida despues del frio invierno que vivimos; además la temperatura ha cambiado drrásticamente, ahora tener 10 grados es como una bendición despues de haber alguna vez estado a -20! Nunca pensé decir que 10 grados son un regalo ;) Espero que todos esten muy bien!
Hasta una próxima

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Buenaaas otra vez!

Bueno, hace mucho no escribo, pero aca vuelvo!
Febrero, ya se acabó, y cada vez el tiempo es menos para volver
A veces me asusto la verdad, pero bueno, hay que hacer valer la pena ese tiempo!
En febrero tuvimos mucha nieve por aca, hasta guerras de nieve haciamos!, ahora ya no hay porque la primavera esta empezando, y lo que se ve son flores pequeñas! Aunque igual hace frio, pero ya no son temperaturas bajo 0, puede llegar a 7 grados! Eso ya es algo!

Aca va una foto de mi nueva casa!

Desde el 16 al 23 me di una escapadita del congelador, a España, quería ver gente que hace mucho no veo, y bueno, conseguí pasajes, y lo logré! :P
Fui a sitios muy muy bonitos, hacía calor, caminaba sin sacos ni chaquetas, y fui a cine, cosa que aca no puedo hacer porque vale toda la plata del mundo, pero cuenta que se pasó bien y que conocí sitios muy muy bonitos, y vi gente que de verdad quería ver hace mucho tiempo!
A veces la verdad siento que mi español es deplorable, que parezco aprendiendo, las cosas que dije en españa eran terribles, cometí mil errores mientras hablaba, pero bueno, se aprenderá otra vez!
El colegio va bien, como siempre, hago nada! pero bueno, paso bien y me rio bastante molestando en las clases, ya me siento en clases en Colombia cuando molestabamos! Así que todo mejora y mejora!

Hasta pronto!

Pronto en serio!!
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